Lori Harvey displays trim waist in a tiny crop top and camouflage cargo pants

The 25-year-old media actress showed off her flawless body while taking advantage of the tense summer weather.

The actor’s release comes a day after he attended a promotional event for his new skincare product, LH’s SKN.

Harvey is wearing a small cut tank that shows off his beautiful abdomen and carved arms.

The promoter has done his top style with matching sneakers and hide-and-seek pants.

The businessman reached for a few pieces of jewelry and held a small purse on his left shoulder. He cast shadows as he fought the sunshine.

Harvey’s beautiful hair was tied back to a ponytail that fell from the collar of his neck.

Harvey’s friend, Ray Christopher, shared a photo of himself and the star on Instagram shortly before their arrival at the skincare product advertising campaign, LH’s SKN.

For the afternoon shindig, the man on the social media site wore a pink knitted skirt in an orange lace skirt. The promoter put his feet in a white shoe book with high heels.

She shook a few pieces of shiny jewelry and decided to tie her beautiful locks for the day.

Harvey first introduced SKN through LH in 2021, and its first offerings were made available to the public that October. The businessman started working on the brand’s products in 2018, and has already appeared in a few of the commercials for his line.

Harvey talked about his company during an interview with Popsugar, where he noted that he was inspired to make skin care contributions while fighting rosacea.

‘I remember using a million different products at a time just to get my skin back healthy. I remember thinking, there must be an easier way for me to do this, ‘he said.

Harvey then noted that he had taken the approach of testing his brand’s products before presenting them to fans and consumers.

“I personally tried all the products on my skin, to make sure everything was the best quality I could produce,” she said.

Harvey noted that he began to put his natural appearance first a few years ago by taking care of his skin.

‘I have always been very grateful for my natural beauty, and have invested heavily in caring for my skin and making sure it is healthy,’ she says.

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