Kesha, 35, Performs In Black Thong & Sheer Bodysuit For Pride: Rare Photos

Kesha, 35, looked stunning as she stepped off the stage wearing attractive and stylish at the Pride event on June 24. The singer wore a shiny black and leather dress that included a back strap under a matching leather jacket. tassels, during his time undressing his big hats at Stonewall in New York City. The beauty also showed off with long green hair and glittering makeup, including black and silver eyeshadow, as she greeted the enthusiastic crowd.

Kesha’s outfit also included a black star cut on her legs and silver chains on the upper and lower parts of her body suit. He wears a belt around his waist as his chest has two black cuts and the long arm sleeves are black and white. The talented artist looked happy and confident as he performed certain dances accompanied by shirtless dancers wearing black leather shorts and facial makeup.

To accentuate her look, Kesha added a nose ring and long pointed nails that looked like her outfit. He is also wearing black ankle boots and a toe and holding a gold-colored microphone. On one occasion, he waved to the crowd and made them feel even happier than they had ever been before.

Prior to Kesha’s memorable performance at NYC’s Pride event, she made opening news articles about her sex in an Instagram post. He started the message by talking about Pride month. “Happy pride! In case I didn’t go ahead enough (LOL) I wanted to take a second to tell everyone that not only is it not enough, as it is, but the world is very lucky to have it. you, ”he wrote before mentioning himself.


“I am not gay. I do not mean. I don’t know what I am. I love people, ”she wrote. “I refuse to be anything, really, without being open to everything.” Kesha’s great message received great support in the comments, which included commentary by actress Bella Thorne, who shared the rainbow, star, heart, and love emoji.

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