John Cena Returns To WWE Raw For 20-Year Anniversary

Call him Doctor of Thuganomics, call him Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect, call him Legend. No matter what you call him, you know his name: John Cena.

As noted, the 16-time WWE World Champion made his return to WWE “Raw” tonight to celebrate 20 years since his debut at the company. Two decades later, Cena made an undeniable stamp on World Wrestling Entertainment for all fans who continued his journey.

Leading up to her appearance, fellow celebrities such as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, & several others appeared in video messages to celebrate Cena’s work. He has also appeared in a variety of backstage segments alongside current stars such as Street Profits and the man he has been back and forth with online: Theory. The two had a heated argument when the American champion told Cena to shut up while listing the reasons why he was a special, once-living talent.

Vince McMahon, himself, made a special appearance on WWE TV to welcome Cena down to the ring for her Anniversary celebration. Part of Raw’s list was lined up at the sides of the entry ramp as he entered and said his signature, “Let’s go to work” before he ran to the ring.

On the microphone, Cena says today she is celebrating her WWE birthday. You can feel the powerful energy and hear the noise when they are there, so there is no better place to have his birthday. He plays a little with his jorts and then shifts to the statement that tonight has nothing to do with anything he has ever done.

For him, the 20th anniversary shows that people care enough for him for twenty years to be who he is and to stay fit. There were times when fans hated him, and there were times when fans loved him, but no matter what, he wanted to take the time to thank the WWE Universe. The crowd roars “Thank you, Cena!” sing as John rewards with pride.

She says,

“Thank you for such moments, and thank you for making me who I am!” He says WWE prepared him for anything and it is because of how the fans have worked with him over the years. Thanks to the fans and his experience in his career, he is a better professional, a better husband, and has learned to be humble, patient, and to give completely everything he has just like WWE fans do to live shows.

He states his age and explains that he is not sure when he will enter the ring next. It won’t be just one game when he comes back, but he’s not sure when that time will come. Cena, full of emotion, says that the whole party is about us, not just her. He raises the crowd one last time and says that’s our noise, and we just started. Finally, “If you want, come and get it!” Cena went out and threw things she was selling to fans while she was out.

Cena began speaking to WWE back in June 2002, responding to the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle open challenge and making a strong effort against the Olympic Gold Medal. Despite the loss, a promise in his power led to a long-term WWE career known as one of the greatest in history.

Cena’s last appearance on television for the company took place at the WWE SummerSlam last year when he lost in a major match against the Roman Reigns in the WWE Championship. He is a 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a 5-time WWE United States champion, and a 4-time WWE Tag Team Champion with partners such as Shawn Michaels, Miz, and Batista. He also won a Money in the Bank contract in 2012 and has twice won the Royal Rumble Winner, winning titles in 2008 and 2013.

WWE continues to encourage fans to use the hashtag #CenaMonth for the rest of June to share their favorite moments and memories from his career.

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