Check out the world’s ugliest dog, Mr Happy Face

The 17-year-old Chinese boy defeated nine rivals on Friday at the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, an event that for decades had been established annually in Petaluma, California.

The champion was accepted as a ransom last year by 41-year-old Arizona singer Jeneda Benally.

“During the epidemic, I was hoping to have a baby or to have a dog. Since having a baby would be an act of God, I chose to take the dog,” said Benally as she presented this one at the competition.

 ugliest dog

In the shelter he said he was told about an old dog with health problems, a creature that “could not be bred because it was ugly.”

“The airport staff tried to prepare me for what I was going to see, I saw a very old creature, it needed a second chance and it deserved to be loved,” said the proud owner.

He said Mr Happy Face had lived with a man who was dating and conditions were abhorrent. “She survived the abuse and neglect,” he said.

Veterinarians say that with its poor health a dog can live only a few weeks.

“The love, kindness and kissing of my mother helped her to focus on the short life that we all expected of her and our family,” added Benally.

“Her hobbies include sleeping, snoring, falling asleep and making strange noises when she is happy.”

The organizers of the competition said this about the competition itself: “Dogs of all kinds and sizes have warmed our hearts and filled our lives with unconditional love. This world-famous event celebrates the imperfections that make all dogs unique and different.”

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