Did GOT Actor Emilia Clarke Confirm Kit Harington’s Jon Snow Spinoff? Here’s What She Said

Recently, the popular HBO Game of Thrones series became the talk of the town after reports emerged of its upcoming spinoff circling Jon Snow online. Fans are now wondering if the much-loved Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, will once again play his part in the project. Former teammate Emilia Clarke has now confirmed the news of her return to the profession.

Got Jon Snow’s conversion to star Kit Harington?
Speaking to the BBC in a recent interview, the actor who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones seems to have confirmed that Jon Snow will be part of the upcoming spin-off. He pointed out that the actor had been part of the launch of the show ‘from the ground up’ and that the audience would reach out to ‘authorize’ it by Kit Harington. He told the letter, “It was created by Kit in my opinion, so you have it from the ground up. So you will be watching, hopefully, if possible, authorized by Kit Harington.”

HBO responds to Jon Snow spin-off series
The official HBO Twitter account has had a positive response following reports of the Jon Snow spin-off series at work circulated online. They posted a picture of Jon Snow and added a celebrity dialogue from the series as they wrote captions on the post, “I Know Nothing.” The interview, “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” was originally narrated by Rose Leslie’s character, Ygritte.

A Hollywood journalist previously shared that a live-action spinoff series about Jon Snow was in the works. The game is reportedly set to begin after the events of GOT season 8, when Kit Harington’s character discovers who he really is and is Aegon Targaryen.

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